Development Process

Redsoft Technology has been using Agile development methods such as Scrum and Kanban for over ten years.

We believe in short iterations that allow us to regularly deliver working software into the production environment.

Having been involved in many projects and services from their inception we understand how to spin up services and teams quickly on a solid foundation that will scale well as the system grows.

We have tried and tested methods for vetting and hiring staff so can help you expand your existing team or help you build one from scratch.

Automated Testing

Redsoft Technology has a deep understanding of software testing.

We utilise techniques such as test driven development (TDD) and behaviour driven development (BDD) to produce a testing stack containing unit, integration and functional end to end testing.

Automated testing not only allows you to regression test your software quickly, the tests also document the current expected behaviour of the system. This is vital as the system grows in complexity.

Build Automation

Redsoft Technology automates the build and deployment process from end to end using tools such as CircleCI and Jenkins.

This produces repeatable builds which save time and help eliminate human errors.

By providing multiple environments within the build pipeline it is possible to support development, functional and non-functional testing, service demonstration, staging and production activities.


Redsoft Technology specialises in Java based development but we also use languages such as Python, Groovy, Javascript and PHP.

For micro services we recommend DropWizard or SpringBoot deployed to Cloud providers such as Heroku and Amazon Web services.

For data storage we use NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB and Cassandra and relational databases such as Oracle, and MySQL.

We are advocates of Open Source Software which we believe is typically of higher quality and is more flexible than proprietary equivalents.